Routines When Life Isn’t

This weekend has been a bit crazy. A water pipe broke around noon on Friday. That broken pipe has meant a weekend of noisy replumbing and hours at a time without running water. Despite the upheavel, Arliss’s bedtime has been pretty solid thanks to our bedtime routine.

Arliss sleeping in my arms.


Our house is old — built in 1926 old — and has (had) all manner of things cobbled together into a sort of operational plumbing system. The cobbled together plumbing meant that to fix the one break we (and by we, I mean my awesome husband) needed to redo a large portion of the supply side. Enough that we (again, just my husband) just replaced all of the supply side and moved the washing machine from next to the fridge to next to the dryer. Yep, this house has the washer and dryer in two different rooms.

If you have ever lived through a renovation, you know how loud, dirty, and crazy it can be. Everything was so chaotic on Friday that Arliss refused to take her midday or afternoon naps. Then when it was bedtime, the water had to be off, so no bath time. I was half expecting her to refuse to go to sleep, but she went down easily. There were a lot of wake-ups Friday night. She didn’t sleep longer than two and a half hours at a time, but she did get some sleep.

Saturday was more of the same. Luckily, since hubby had gotten the critical things taken care of on Friday, he could work around her naps a bit. When he couldn’t, I let her sleep in my arms. That’s not something I’ll normally do because when she was between about three and five months old Arliss wouldn’t really sleep anywhere but in my arms. It took weeks to break that habbit. But she desperately needed the sleep, so I made an exception.

I’m so glad I did. Because she wasn’t over tired, my baby girl slept like a champ Saturday night. And she’s already taken an hour nap today. Slept right through hubby working in the bathroom next to the nursery.

So, long story short. Having a solid bedtime routine helped Arliss (and me) stay out of sleep debt. And my husband is a plumbing super hero.



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