Post-Baby Body

When Arliss was born I promised myself that I wouldn’t stress about the baby weight for six months. That wasn’t an excuse to eat poorly or give up on exercise, but there would be no dieting, no rigid workout plans, no weight angst, and absolutely no body hating (that last bit was tough). Well, today is Arliss’s six month birthday. Now that’s all going to change…

Kidding!Even if I’m not happy with my body, hate, stress, and resentment won’t do a damn thing to fix it. In fact, that negativity is more likely to send me right to the bottom of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Bun ice cream. Granted, it doesn’t really take much for that. That stuff is delicious and saps my self-control like you wouldn’t believe. While my relationship with diet/weight/fitness has been pretty healthy over the last six months, I need do more.

At 137 pounds, I am 10 pounds heavier than I was pre-pregnancy. Those extra ten pounds are a much bigger problem than you might assume. My hip got messed up way back in my early Army days. It took seven years before I was able to run again, and even at its best, my hip still ached when the weather changed. While I was pregnant and had all those lovely joint loosening hormones drifting around it wasn’t an issue. In fact, I “ran” right up until a few days before Arliss was born (that running was more of a very bouncy walk/waddle, but it counts). For the first few months after she was born, despite weighing more than I do now, those hormones were still working and I was able to run a bit. Those hormones have worn off, and over the last couple months, my hip has been aching more and more. Now, if I’m not incredibly careful, just a trip to the grocery store leaves me limping.

I miss running. I’m tired of my hip limiting what I can do. So I need to get back in my comfortable weight range. No gimmicks, just sensible diet and exercise. Since Arliss is still breastfeeding I’m not going to put myself on any sort of calorie restriction. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on eating really really really well. And by that, I mean no more scarfing down Nutella straight from the jar or snacking on junk food. Exercise is going to start off being swimming and other low impact stuff.

Plan of Attack

This week I’m concentrating on just two little things.

First, snacks are fruit based. I have a bad habit of getting so hungry (and lazy) that I just start scarfing down whatever I can get my hands on. That whatever is almost always nutritionally worthless. Good choices might be an apple and peanut butter, grapes, clementines, a fruit smoothie, or yogurt with berries. Oh, or a Hershey’s dark chocolate Kiss. Because really, they’re only 23 calories and sometimes you just need some freaking chocolate.

This week’s second baby step is to get to the pool twice, which is entirely doable since I already swam once this week. I also want to restart the Momma Strong program. Not necessarily every day, but at least three times this week. I love the Momma Strong program. I started it back around May and it made such a huge difference. Courtney is freaking amazing, and I’ve actually missed hearing her since I haven’t been working out. But I’m going to #beginagain. And in case you were wondering, I’m not getting anything for loving on Momma Strong.


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