Capsule Wardrobe

Starting a Capsule Wardrobe

I love browsing capsule wardrobes. Every single piece is well thought out and chosen to work with the whole wardrobe. When I got pregnant, I was super excited to build my maternity capsule. But it didn’t go as well as I had planned. There were a lot of pieces that I bought because they were “good enough” and I needed to not be naked. Then there were pieces that I wanted, but never got around to buying.

After Arliss was born I decided to make-do until her six-month birthday since I figured my body would be changing and shifting a lot. Now that she’s half a year old, I’m going to deliberately build out my wardrobe. While I do so, I’ll share my steps and thought process.

Janice Riggs’s method over at The Vivienne Files has really intrigued me. I love her 4×4 system, even if she seems to use it for packing. If you are going to browse her blog, I suggest setting a timer. If you don’t, you might spend way more time reading her wonderful posts than you meant to. Seriously, I accidentally stayed up two hours past my bedtime the other night. Learn from my mistake.

On to the clothes!

Now, these are my actual clothes. My wardrobe needs to accommodate my life as a stay at home nursing mom so it needs to be easy to free the boobies and everything MUST be machine washable. While my life doesn’t have many dressy occasions, I prefer to dress a smidge more formally than average.

4x4 BlackThe first step in my capsule build is four pieces in black, which is my dark neutral. These are super basic building block pieces. So I have one pair of black jeans (straight leg), one black t-shirt, one black tank top, and a black cardigan.

This gives me a pretty good base to start. These four pieces give me five different combinations.

4x4 Black Options

Yes, if this were it my wardrobe would be a bit bleak, and would show ALL the spit up. But this is just the first step! Stay tuned for the next group of 4 pieces, which will be whenever I can get all four things clean at the same time…


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