A Late Weigh-In Wednesday

IMG_20160824_202239295 (1)

Before I get the measuring tape I want to share a story. Scroll down for the brutal numbers without the (totally valid) excuses. Today, right now, actually, we had planned to be on our way to IKEA to buy a brand new kitchen. I have been designing and dreaming about this kitchen since we bought this house 2 years ago. This is a long weekend for the husband, so he’d have plenty of time to work on it. And the forecast is predicting lots of storming so we won’t be missing out on the nice weather. Sounds great, right?

Well, the universe/this house/Georgia didn’t like the idea. Our air conditioner died last night. The heat and humidity were not easy on me and the baby. She couldn’t sleep until 4 hours past her bedtime (after a heroic Daddy installed an old window unit in her room). She and I are both sporting heat rash, sweating, and are pretty miserable. The aforementioned heroic Daddy who grew up in Florida without AC didn’t even notice it was out.

So now, instead of being on my way to sweet Sweedish shopping nirvana for a shiny, gorgeous, clean, well designed new kitchen, we’re scrambling to get the air condition fixed before the storms start. Luckily the AC didn’t wait 24 hours to die. If it had, we would have already spent money on the new kitchen, and we’d be trying to trouble shoot and fix it in the rain. Again, luckily, we had a window unit in the shed. And finally, we’re super lucky that husband works with a bunch of wonderful guys, a few of whom used to work on HVAC systems. They’ll help out, and once the house isn’t a sauna, I will bake goodies for each of them.

Actual Weigh-In Portion of Today’s Post

I’ve been really good about the workout part of my goals. I swam 3 times, increasing the distance I swam each session. I’ve incorporated a Momma Strong workout into the beginning of the pre-bedtime routine. So I’ve exercised 6 days in the last week.

My snacking has not gone so well. I did super well for a few days, but that didn’t last. When I’m stressed I crave comfort food, which means ALL THE CARBS. It’s not fair to expect perfection from myself, so I’m letting it go. This week, I’m going to keep the goal of 2 swims and 3 workouts. I’ll add a diet goal of eating 4 fruits and veggies each day. No, I don’t mean 4 bites, I mean 4 servings.

Today’s numbers:

Weight: 137.7 lbs (up 0.5 lbs)
Bust: 40″ (down 0.5″)
Under Bust: 31.5″ (down 0.5″)
Waist: 34″ (no change)
Hips: 39″ (down 1″)

So despite my weight going up, I’ve lost size. This is a good thing because it means I’m building muscle. That muscle will eventually raise that pesky metabolism and make it easier to maintain my weight. It’s worth noting that my bust measurement is going to swing like crazy since I’m still breastfeeding.

Right. So blog post is written, blankets are hung over windows to block out the heat, there is a cross breeze going through the house, and I’m sporting a wet washcloth around my neck. I’m off to help my husband puzzle out this AC. Wish me cool breezes!


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