Capsule Wardrobe

Step 2 Capsule Wardrobe

4x4-beigeStep two is another group of 4 pieces, this time in my light neutral. Check out my first four pieces in Starting a Capsule Wardrobe. My main neutral colors are black and beige. Though I have to be careful not to let beige wash me out, it is probably my favorite neutral. It works well with black, white, colors, navy, and even some grays, but it isn’t harsh like black. Plus, I’ve recently found that it hides spit up better than black clothes. Yay?

My beige clothes are a fantastic sleeveless linen shirtdress (it has pockets, I love dresses with pockets), a casual light weight blazer (which needs its sleeves shortened about 3 inches), a pair of linen shorts, and… Well, that’s a very bad drawing of a pair of khakis. I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of khakis for a while now.

This represents the first hole in my wardrobe. I’m super picky about pants. My khakis need to be styled just so – slim fit, sits at mid-waist, smooth fabric that is neither too dressy nor too casual, and a tapered leg that hits at my ankle bone. They have to be practical – pockets that actually work, machine washable, quality construction that won’t split the first time I have to pick something up off the floor, and a durable fabric that won’t pick up dog hair. Oh, and they have to fit. I’ll find them. Until then, let’s just pretend.


beigeblack-option-2Back to the clothes! With these four pieces added to my four black items, my outfit options jumps to 20 without the dress and 25 (or more) if we include the dress and the layering options it presents. When it isn’t summer I’ll happily wear a shirt under a sleeveless dress. Some shirts I’ll wear over them too. That really extends the flexibility of a dress. So a whole eight pieces yields almost a month worth of outfits.


Yes, the outfits are still a bit drab at this point, but take a moment to appreciate just how many options a well-designed wardrobe will offer. If you are REALLY into minimalism (or have been forced to build a new wardrobe from the ground up on a limited budget), this proves that you could get away with just eight pieces of clothing. I don’t recommend it though because you would have to do laundry just about every other day.

Next time I’ll bring in some interest with even MORE neutrals. Mostly because I only have 3 items of my target colors at the moment. Well, I have two color shirts and a pair of shoes. I really need to go shopping.


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