Weigh-In Wednesday (or Thursday)

IMG_20160824_202239295 (1)

Apologies for the radio silence. I was struck low by some nasty bug or another and was running a fever for 10 solid days. Not fun, but yay for antibiotics! I’m doing so much better now.

Weight: 136.7 lbs (down 0.8 lbs)
Bust: 40.5″ (up 1″)
Under Bust: 31″ (down 0.5″)
Waist: 32.5″ (down 1″)
Hips: 38.5″ (down 0.5″)

Wow. I honestly wasn’t expecting any improvement given the fact that I pretty much spent the last week and a half laying down.

Going forward, I need to get back into the swing of things. So I am going to continue to concentrate on eating my fruits and veggies (and thanks to a huge batch of butternut squash soup I managed to eat pretty well despite being sick). Because I am still recovering, I’m going to go pretty easy on the workouts. One short swim and a couple Momma Strong workouts are on the agenda between now and next Wednesday. Since I’m easing back into things, I’ll leave it at that.

How do you “get back on the horse” after a workout break?


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