Weigh-In Wednesday

IMG_20160824_202239295 (1)

This week involved a bit more recovery from whatever that nastiness was, but the antibiotics did their job so I’ve been back at it! Yay for modern medicine! And yay naps. Especially for naps.

Weight: 136.5 lbs (down 0.2 lbs)
Bust: 40.5″ (no change)
Under Bust: 31″ (no change)
Waist: 32″ (down 0.5″)
Hips: 38.5″ (no change)

No great improvement this week (but still progress, which is really what I’m going for), but I have a pretty good excuse. You see, Friday my husband asked me to make not one, but TWO apple pies for the unit cook out. Ok, so I made two delicious deep dish apple pies. Guess how many pies were eaten. Go on. Guess. Nope. The whole gaggle of soldiers, kids, and spouses ate exactly 1/2 a pie. Well, they were in my fancy pie plates, and I wasn’t going to leave the pie plates there. So the 1 1/2 remaining pies had to come home with me. And I can’t let them go to waste… I may have had apple pie for breakfast a couple of times. No regrets.

I did also manage to knock out 3 Momma Strong workouts and a trip to the pool, so that was a big improvement. Next week I’ll keep the workout mojo going, improve the food choices a bit (easy since both of the pie plates are now clean), and concentrate on actually drinking water. I’ve been slacking on the hydration and the random mild muscle cramps are my friendly reminders to drink water.


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