Weigh-In Wednesday

IMG_20160824_202239295 (1)

I’ve been SO GOOD about doing my workouts, which is why I’m so sore and stiff that sitting down is work. But it’s the good kind of sore and stiff, the feeling that I’ve done some good work and I’ll be stronger once the ache wears off.

Weight: 136.8 lbs (up 0.3 lbs)
Bust: 40″ (down 0.5″)
Under Bust: 31″ (no change)
Waist: 31″ (down 1″)
Hips: 38.5″ (no change)

This was another week that had my weight up a bit but my measurements improving, however slightly. I’m not worried since weight fluctuates so much day to day. The important thing is that I keep at it. I’m actually pretty happy with what my body is doing right now. I went bought a pair of pants and a shirt this week that really make me happy.

For the next week, I’m going to keep doing my Momma Strong workouts (I did 6 last week!), try to get to the pool if/when they open back up, and I’m going to redouble my fruit and veggie commitment. In fact, I’m going to go have an orange right now.


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